Thursday, 2 December 2010

Love Never Dies: The Changes

After being open less than nine months, Love Never Dies, the stage sequel to the hit musical The Phantom of the Opera, has been given a revamp. The production opened in London's West End in March 2010 to mixed reviews and a barrage of complaints from die-hard "Phans" of the original show. Criticisms ranged from the banality of Glenn Slater's lyrics to the improbable plot turns and character twists of Ben Elton's story and book.

To rescue the show, impresario and composer Andrew Lloyd Webber shut down performances for three weeks in November so the cast could rehearse a new version ... [Read more at Hub Pages: Love Never Dies: The Changes]

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  1. I saw this version at a theater in NY a few days ago. While I prefer the orginal POTO musical, I think it's a shame that LND never made it to Broadway. The story is gripping, and heartbreaking (depending on your POV, of course). For me, a Phantom Phan, I loved seeing Phantom and Christine together again... even if they play a little loosely with the original POTO ending. It's a great "what could have been" story and well worth seeing. A really nice story continuation.

    The songs are, in my opinion, a little less sophisticated lyrically than the original POTO lyrics, but there are a few songs that really do stick with you. Try it out on spotify, they have the entire album to listen to for free.